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Taxi Controller is a cost effective and scalable solution based on recent technologies for fully optimized booking and automated vehicle dispatch. Available as a Cloud service doesn't require any implementation efforts from your side and is just a click away and available for immediate commercial roll out. Simplify and integrates all business functions into single platform having all modules and features a modern Taxi company "must have" in order to create successful business and bid for passengers on the competitive market.

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Bookings are designed to allow the operator simple and quick execution of an order by using only keyboard, without the need for a mouse. This way, a work process and productivity are greatly increased. Multiple booking channels are supported: Phone call, Web site, Email, SMS, Smart App...

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Multiple automated dispatching algorithms such as Zone, Closest, Longest Waiting or combinations dramatically optimize efficiency and same time & money. System automatically tracks every vehicle in real time and makes sure best match gets the job.

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Full fleet control and monitoring at pinpoint accuracy allows dispatcher and driver to identify areas with most booking and car density to optimize service availability. Live data are available at various screens for dispatcher, driver and passenger that may track service progress through its lifetime.

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Always updated database with all needed details to provide high quality transportation service is available from a single point. Asset management, driverand car details, customer relation management (CRM) – all part of the package!

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Every vehicle is equipped with standard modern 7" terminal that allow bi-directional communication via user friendly easy readable interface with all details and capability of displaying advertisements. Accepting rides, setting status, navigate, optimizing car presenceand making daily recaps – all at one place. For the case of emergency S.O.S feature is just a click away.

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Easy to use free application for booking and taxi service tracking. Passengers are only click away from the taxi company and always informed about pickup time and arrival progress.

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A powerful information system running in the background enables effective management of every transportation, statistics and various reports.Customizable accounting, billing, log tracking – all at one place as part of the package!


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Taxi Company

Running Cloud based Taxi Controller service you may easily control and manage your daily business no matter of your company size.

  BUSINESS GROWTH & REVENUE INCREASE - Multiple booking options
  REDUCING COSTS - Fully automated and optimized booking and dispatch process


Taxi Controller is your assistant that makes your daily work simpler, easier and quicker eliminating any chances to make a mistake.

  TIME AND MONEY SAVING - don't waste your time
  ALL IN ONE - quick and simple reporting
  CAR MONITORING - optimize car presence


In vehicle application runs on standard Android tablet with integrated GPS navigation and brings all relevant information driver needs for his business.

  HIGHER REVENUE - optimized dispatch brings more rides
  AUTOMATION - fair job delivery and passenger notification
  REDUCE WAITING TIME - optimize your availability and presence with real time booking and car saturation monitoring


Book a taxi using regular phone call, fill form at web page, send SMS or simply use Taxi Controller Client application that is available at AppStore and Google play.

ONE CLICK BOOKING - book a taxy anytime, anywhere and by any device
  JUST IN TIME ARRIVAL - stay informed about arrival progress, no need to waste your time
  ENJOY - safe, quick and high quality transportation service

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Taxi Controller is available for immediate use and just a click away. Please select from the packages described below and sign up now for your totally free or trial version at no risk. Read and explore more about Taxi Controller here!

Taxi Controller Lite is timely unlimited version of Taxi Controller with selected features that can be used in deployments up to 10 cars. You may use this version at no costs for small deployment and can upgrade it anytime to commercial version.

Taxi Controller Standard is commercial version with 24/7 support most suitable for Taxi companies that are looking to automate and optimize booking and dispatch services to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Taxi Controller Advanced is most feature rich version for highly demanded Taxi companies looking to secure its business and ensure future growth. Signing for Advanced package you are entitled to enjoy at no hidden costs all the features available today and the ones that will be developed in the future.


Time unlimited

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  • Commercial & demo
  • Limited to 10 cars
  • On request Tech support
  • English langugage
  • Real time monitoring
  • Phone/Web/SmartApp Booking
  • Automated dispatch
  • Fleetmanagement
  • CRM
  • In Vehicle App
  • Smart App for passengers
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Free Trial

  • Commercial (30 days FREE trial)
  • Unlimited cars
  • 24/7 support center
  • Any language on request
  • Real time monitoring
  • Phone/Web/SmartApp + Email Booking
  • Automated dispatch
  • Fleetmanagement
  • CRM
  • In Vehicle App
  • Smart App for passengers
  • Accounting & Reporting & Billing
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Ask for quote

Free Trial

  • Commercial (30 days FREE trial)
  • Unlimited cars
  • 24/7 support center
  • Any language
  • Real time + area saturation monitoring
  • Phone/Web/SmartApp + Email Booking
  • Automated dispatch
  • Fleetmanagement
  • CRM
  • In Vehicle App
  • Smart App for passengers
  • Accounting & Reporting & Billing
  • POS & Virtualtaximeter
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